We have a credit system and a semester system.  In addition, we carry out efforts for students to correspond to their interests, abilities, aptitudes and various courses.  Moreover, we give a clear lesson that we attach importance to for students and make an environment that motivates them to study.  Furthermore, we promote study by the students’ own accord and growth of their ability and aptitude so that they can aim for their self-realization. 



Curriculum meets the various needs of students 

(Curriculum widely corresponds with courses, interests and aptitude.) 


A clear lesson that we attach importance to and an environment that motivates students to study 


◎ 2学期制のメリットを生かし, 


We have introduced a semester system into our school that has the first semester (April to September) and the second semester (October to March).  You can select school events carefully and save school hours, unlike the trimester system, which is popular in Japan.  In addition, you can plan your study with a long-term vision and achieve your goal, making sure your progress.




We have six periods of lessons (50 minutes each) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and seven periods on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  With this school schedule, we are able to have more lessons.


◎ 柔軟なクラス編成



◎ 文系・理系の選択,幅広い科目選択


 In general high school, each class consists of forty students, but we arrange homerooms according to students’ choice of courses.  The tenth graders consist of three classes with forty students each, and eleventh and twelfth graders consist of four smaller classes.

◎ 学校設定科目(萩高独自の科目)の設定



Ability Grouping and Small Class Teaching 

◎ 習熟度別授業

Ability Grouping


Mathematics and English classes for tenth graders and eleventh graders separate students into basic and advanced according to their academic achievement and desire.

◎ 少人数指導 Small Class Teaching


We work with small classes to teach on an individual level.


We set many elective subjects.